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Sprint Nextel Offering Full Song Downloads To Cell Phones

According to Digital Music Nes, "Sprint Nextel will soon launch an over-the-air, music download  Sprintphone_1service in the United States, beating both Verizon and Cingular. According to a source within Sprint Nextel, individual track downloads will retail for $2.50 each, and compatible devices will be available November 1st. The source also indicated that the full-track downloads will come bundled with a ringtone…"

"…Sprint will deliver hundreds of thousands of full-length digital tracks, and will giveaway five free songs as part of an introductory offer that ends January 14th. The songs will download directly to the mobile device, though the tracks can also be played on a computer, transferred to an MP3 player, or burned to a CD."

"Customers can gain access to the music downloads by first subscribing to the Sprint Power Vision multimedia service, which…offers streaming television, music, and games, and builds upon an existing multimedia offering already in place…"

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