Yahoo Jumps Into Podcasting. Music Industry Lags Behind

Yahoopod_1Reacting as every digital savy company must do, Yahoo "…just launched a beta podcasting service, complete with search capabilities and neatly organized subject areas. The new site, available at podcasts.yahoo.com, also compiles recommendations from Yahoo editors and Yahoo_11 fans." according to Digital Music News. "The entrance follows a major podcasting push by Apple…"… and investors have bet $8.85 milliom on PodShow a "start-up created by "podfather" Adam Curry that aims to be a key distributor for the format."

Insiders are predicting Google will be the next big palyer to jump into podcasting which now has about 5 million somewhat regular users of this time-shifting technology.  Record labels and other music comoanies are eyeing podcasting too cautiously as they alweays do with new trends.  Rhinocasts Songwriter and other royalties remain an issues, but smart music marketers need to find creative ways to jump into the space as Rhino has with their podcasts by music commentator and historian Bob Lefsetz.

Check out Yahoo podcasting here.

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  1. Alot of indies have already hopped on the bandwagon. Sub Pop, Jade Tree, Trustkill, and my own label Blackout!
    (shameless plug). We all see the value in letting people hear our music, interviews, and rare cuts for free.
    But, once again the dinosaurs are asleep at the wheel. No wonder CD sales are down 10% this year.


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