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MySpace Partners With Universal On New Record Label

Myspace_6MySpace has started a record label in partnership with Universal.  With an staff of 7-10 based in MySpace’s Santa Monica offices, the label’s goal is to take advantage of the promotional opportunities and filtering provided by it’s 36 million mostly young music loving members

The initial release "MySpace Records Volume 1"  hits the street November 15th and features both unsigned, Indy, and major label acts including Weezer, the All-American Rejects, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, AFI, Against Me, Plain White T’s, New Year’s Day and Hollywood Undead.  Street price for the CD is $9.95. The label also expects to sign 5 acts in the coming year.

Once again Universal steps out in front partnering with a recognized brand and a strong Hawthorneheightspromotional  and new technology company.  But one has to wonder why MySpace wouldn’t use it’s own incredible base to bypass the struggling major label system as so many of it’s contributing bands have done.  Or they could have partnered with any innovative Indy like Vagrant whose Hawthorne Heights has benefited greatly from the momentum created by their more than 232,000 "friends" on MySpace.

There was a slight "your selling out" backlash when Murdoch’s NewsCorp bought MySpace a few months ago and some more will probably follow this announcement.  It’s hard, however, to imagine that many acts will abandon this incredible and almost free marketing tool. But it is unfortunate that MySpace did not use their unique position and new found wealth to further the cause of truly independent music rather than partnering with a major.

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