Hypebot’s Digital Music QuickNews: Yahoo Grabs Grammys & Google May Open Music Store

  • Trumping rival AOL, Yahoo Music will provide the official Grammy web presence with Yahoomusiclogos_14 previews, exclusives and behind the scenes action.  But that won’t stop Billboard and others from trying to grab a piece of the Grammy action.
  • There is increasing chatter that Google is planning to open a music download store.  Web Google_2watchers hope that any site would offer the same democratic access and variable pricing that Google’s video store does.  If so it would offer stiff competition to iTunes and others.  Read more about the rumors at SearchEngineWatch.
  • According to Digital Music News, "Satellite radio provider WorldSpace, which covers several global regions outside of the US, recently posted a subscriber count of 115,000….a 50 percent jump over third quarter totals. The company credited heavy uptake in India for the recent growth surge."
  • Rumors persist that Microsoft may manufacture it’s own portable player to compete more effectively with Apple’s iPod.  Read Hypebot’s full coverage here. Riaa_6
  • And reportedly other managers and acts may soon be joining Nettwork Management’s McBride To Fight RIAA Lawsuits/  Read that story here.
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