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Watch Out Downloaders! Hilary & Jay Are At It Again With News Consultancy

Hilary Rosen, who started the RIAA down the path of suing Grammy and a the 12 year old down the block is opening a consultancy with Jay Berman ,another old school record guy who once was Hillary’s global counterpart as head of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry.

Riaa_8Dubbed Berman/Rosen Global Strategies, they will advise technology and entertainment companies on piracy and licensing issues. "It seems like not as much has changed in the space as we might have thought in two and a half years, while other things have dramatically changed," Rosen said. "I think there are places where we can be of help."

Berman added, "Digital delivery and acquisition of entertainment is changing with lightening Ifpi_5speed and so is the need to protect and promote the creative expressions that provide this entertainment. We can help guide businesses in the entertainment space on a variety of important issues such as licensing, public policy and anti-piracy tactics, both in the U.S. and internationally".

The question is will Hilary and Jay help the industry by encouraging consumer confidence killing strategies or by admitting the digital cat is out of the bag and finding ways to use and monetize it?

Read their press release here.

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