Can Struggling Subscription Services Still Be The Future Of Music?

So far the numbers are low, but several executives at Digital Hollywood believe that music subscription services like Yahoo! Unlimited and Napster are the wave of the future, according to Yahoomusic Digital Music News. "Subscription is the future of this business," Ted Cohen of EMI said. "It is a much better business model." And Richard Conlon, a vice president at BMI, pointed to subscriptions as "an intuitive next step",Ipod_19

Despite some technical glitches most who have tried the services enjoy having access to a vast library for only $5-$10 per month.  Others like Steve Jobs of Apple/iTunes  have reject subscriptions all together believing that consumers want to own their music.  It will not be until more portable devices that seamlessly manage the music come to market and the services deepen their catalogers and improve the online experience will we really know if subscription services have mass market appeal.

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