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E-Label Cordless Sends CD/Vinyl Promos Of Breakup Breakdown

There’s been a lot of talk about the cost savings of delivering promo copies digitally to radio and Cd_21 reviewers. But it’s clear to anyone on the receiving end that it’s a lot more exciting to be on the receiving end of a cool looking piece of physical product rather than a link to a free download. No one must be more effected by the natural phenomenon than the digital labels for whom physical product is non-existent.

So a posting on the ever-cool NYC music blog Coolfer caught our eye with a story of getting a piece physical product in the mail from E-label Cordless.

Breakupbreakdown"…And what did I get from the publicist for this e-label? Not only a three-song promotional CD (of new act Breakup Breakdown), but a 7" single. And not just a 7" single, but a commercially available 7" single with a bar code."

"Digital music is cool, but vinyl is still cooler. The underground still loves vinyl, and it’s in the underground that you’ll find the writers, the club goers and the musicians who create the buzz that publicists so clearly want to capture…"

(And we join Coolfer in saying), "Kudos to Cordless and (publicist)Devious Planet for recognizing that MP3 links in an email, a mark of the digital era, doesn’t get the attention of a good, physical mailing. And congrats for recognizing the allure of vinyl in the music underground…".

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