How Bright Is Satellite Radio’s Future?

Sirius_1Hypebot has often taken the position that as good as satellite radio is; it will Xm_2loose it’s luster when 10,000 internet broadcast streams can be accessed anywhere via WiFi/WiMax without a paid subscription.  Investor site The Motley Fool says we’re wrong in a lengthy analysis of the problems and competitors facing XM and Sirius.

MotleyfoolI’ll even take this one step further by conceding that a music-discovery site like Pandora.com or standalone Internet-radio appliances like the $400 Roku SoundBridge may temporarily quench some of the collective thirst for satellite radio.

Add it all up, though, and it’s still not going to get in the way of a satellite-radio industry that has gone from 9 million subscribers to 10 million in the past three months and will top 15 million before the end of the year.

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