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LA’s Indie 103.1 Succeeds By Being Unpredictable

If you don’t live in LA and therefore have not experienced Indie 103.1 FM, then check them out online where you can listen live and via archives and podcasts. (WARNING: I lost an hour of my life on the popular music mash-ups page). Indie_1031

In an era of bland radio Indie 103.1 has captured a substantial audience by being different and unpredictable.  Its a unique Hollywood-centric mix of celebrity DJ’s (Rob Zombie, Nina Blackwood, Steve Jones, Henry Rollins and others) and very eclectic rock with lots of special guests.  This is fun "must-tune-into-or-I-might-miss-something" broadcasting.  And the station uses it’s web site to full advantage. The RAIN newsletter applauded "…a graphic-intensive layout (which) adds interesting design elements to the page, and while the images and ads can be flashy, they add to the overall sense of energy that the site conveys without becoming a real distraction."

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