New List Of Web 2.0 Companies Shaping The Music Industry

A month ago we published a list compiled by OpenBC of the of next generation web based music companies and then updated it.  It was one of our most popular postings ever; and so when we came across this new list from Econsultant.com we thought we’d share it.  It’s less complete and some music related sites like PodBop are listed in other categories (in this case Event Services), but there are also some new sites worth checking out. Boltheadericon

  1. Bandnews.org : music news collection
  2. bebop : musical gig tickets in uk/ireland
  3. bigcartel / MerchBoss : music merchandise store provider
  4. Bolt : video/photo/music sharing service
  5. Castpost : social video hosting / sharing
  6. di.fm : electronic music streaming
  7. DotTunes : itunes sharing application
  8. EveryBit : search multimedia web content
  9. fluctu8 : music/radio/podcast aggregation engine
  10. GlideDigital : social photo/music/video/file/etc sharing
  11. iTunesLove : social music news sharing
  12. Jb_head_logo_v5JamBase : music search engine ***
  13. jamendo : social free music sharing
  14. LifeLogger : blogging service with audio, photo, video
  15. LivePlasma : music / movies recommendation engine
  16. MediaMax : online media / file storage ; free (25 gb) and paid accounts
  17. Mercora : music search engine + internet radio ***
  18. Muiso : music companion service software
  19. Music Arsenal : record label management ***
  20. Musicmobs : social playlist sharing and music discovering
  21. MusicStrands : social playlist sharing and music discovering
  22. MyVideoKaraoke : social karaoke video sharing
  23. Orb : secure access to media (music/photo/video Pandora250w_2
  24. pandora : music recommendation streaming service ***
  25. Plurn : social playlist sharing and music discovering
  26. Poperti : play music from a pop3 email account
  27. Pure Volume : social music group sharing
  28. RadioTime : personalized radio
  29. Songbird : open-source firefox-based music player  ***
  30. StickamStickam : social media sharing -add your video to your blog/page ***
  31. Streampad : social playlist sharing and music discovering
  32. TagWorld : social networking + blog + music + storage
  33. UpTo11 : social playlist sharing and music discovering
  34. Webjay : social music playlist sharing

*** Hypebot favorites

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  1. Hi Bruce, thanks for the recognition of Music Arsenal!
    I’m also a fan of Pandora and I think you should check out the 3Tunes Project. (Found the link at blackrimglasses.com). It allows you to store the tracks on Pandora as an MP3 locally to your computer. Could this be the end? I know that people aren’t happy about being able to rip XM and Sirius streams.

  2. Last.fm as well as MP3Tunes/Oboe need to be on the list.
    Here is an idea, revisit this list in a year and see which ones made it and which ones didnt.

  3. Great list, hypebot, thanks so much. A great resource.
    Keep seeing this:
    social sharing social sharing social sharing…
    May be just me, but I only got so much time in the day. Why all these sites that want me to invest time in become members of their community? Why be presumptious in thinking people are going to dedicate to your community in a sea of so many others? Seems like there is more of need to create auxilary sites to already existing communities.
    Glad to see Pandora listed tho. If Pandora were a girl at a party, I’d TOTALLY ask her out.

  4. great list. ditto on LAST.fm as thund3rbox mentioned. and thank you for not stating the obvious (myspace). I cant wait to surf the dozen or so links that I havent even heard of.

  5. More Web 2.0 music companies

    Hypebot has a second list of Web 2.0 music companies. Many of these I had not heard of before. A few of them looked interesting, like bebop. But a lot of the others looked like bandwagon hoppers, cloners. If I see social and sharin…

  6. Loud Is Relative is another Music Related Web 2.0 company! We’re dedicated to providing an environment that helps small and local bands with promotion and at the same time lets fans of live music find local shows on any given day of the week. We’re a national website, that is currently listing over 34,000 events!

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