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More On Amazon’s Music Service As MTV’s URGE Nears Launch

Gizmodo has a source who tells them that is close to launching its own music services which will include a branded portable player and offer:

  1. Amazon_16A desktop app/web app for full music downloads, album and a la carte.
  2. A Rhapsody-style subscription service using Janus DRM.
  3. 20% off physical CDs for service subscribers.
  4. WMA downloads of CDs until the physical CD arrives for non-subscribers
  5. Pre-loaded players filled with songs and other content.

Amazon is a powerful and trusted brand particularly among adult consumers.  Many are used to buy physical CD’s from Amazon and if they are not yet locked into iPods and iTunes may fine the net site an attractive and safe alternative for going digital.

Mtv_19MTV Networks & Microsoft are also verge of launching their joint venture download service URGE which will be aggressively promoted across all of their various properties including MTV, VH1, CMT and online.

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