Hypebot’s New Music Industry Briefing For Monday May 6 ,2006


UPDATED: Apple Computer won its legal battle against the Beatles today when a UK judge ruled that Apple’s iTunes did not infringe on the trademark of Apple Corps or Apple Records which represents the band’s interests. (Reuters)

– To no one’s surprise, EMI is reported to be upping it’s bid for WMG to $4.4 million including more cash for  investors.  One analysts speculates that WMG is about to make a counteroffer to buy EMI. (Hypebot)

– There are hot new entries in each of the top five slots on the Billboard album charts for the first time in almost three years led by Godsmack with 211,000 sold. Yet despite six new titles entering the chart’s top 10 album sales trail this week in 2005 by 10% (Billboard)

Amazon_17– More details of Amazon’s new music offerings emerge as MTV/Microsoft’s URGE service nears launch. (Hypebot)

Warner Music Groups recent earnings report contains a list of 16 lawuits against the company including 14 class action suits on digital download pricing and two by indie labels fRadikal and TSR or anti-competitve radio promo tacticts. (Digital Music Weblog)

– Some UK online broadcasts are being forced to block overseas listeners to avoid running afoul of new rules and license holders.  Could other countries follow suit?  (Guardian)

Mtv_20–  MTV Network’s including MTV, VH1, CMT, Comedy Central, Spike, TV Land and it’s broadband channels presented their next season’s offerings to ad execs in NYC last week (TelevisionPoint)and promised advertisers more synergies and promo opportunities across channels and platforms. Advertising Age profiled Jason Hirschhorn (here) who is leading the digital charge at MTVN as well a taking a look at his plans for the properties including tripling digital revenues.

Cell phones with hard disks will eventually cut significantly cut into sales of MP3 players and iPods a study by ABI Research claims. But they will need to get cheaper and smaller. (TechWeb)

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