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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PART III: Why Orchard CEO Is Excited About The Future

For the conclusion of our exclusive three part interview with The Orchard’s President and CEO Greg Scholl we learn why the exectutive is excited to go to work every morning,

HYPEBOT: What’s up next at The Orchard? Kristiandiable_1

SCHOLL: I can tell you what happened today … how’s that? An incredible artist named Kristin Diable (listen via MySpace), who now lives in New York but got here via Baton Rouge, came in and played a short set for our office. She knocked us out, and reminded us of what we’re doing here and why this might be the most exciting time in the history of the music industry (and by the way, she’s playing Joe’s Pub on August 12th at 7pm … anyone in New York who cares about great music should check her out).

Which is the point: Great music is starting to get made again, the independents are the ones who are doing it, and the opportunities for people who care about music to discover it grow daily and, Orchard_12 considering blogs and net radio and the like, seemingly exponentially. Our company has the privilege of existing in the midst of this fertile, creative, dynamic moment in time, and we get to play a leadership role in helping to accelerate positive industry change across the global markets in which we operate, from our backyard here on the East Coast to Europe, Russia, China, India, South America … the list goes on. We are excited and fortunate and really enjoy getting out of bed in the morning and coming to the thing that other people in the world refer to as "work."

What’s next at The Orchard? A lot! Stay tuned!

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