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10 Easy Ways to Protest DRM

Today has been declared a "Day Against DRM" and here are 10 suggestions for easy protest from organizers Defective By Design:

  • Email your friends and family, use our prepared text. This is the big one – Antiapple_1attack that address book!!

  • Add this text to your email signature for the day.
  • Post on a forum or message board that you subscribe to.
  • Download and print this sign and hang one at your desk, the office water cooler, or in an elevator.
  • Download and print this leaflet and give it to coworkers or others you see today, maybe even distribute them on your lunch hour or during your commute.
  • Sign the Bono petition. We are getting ready to get his answer.
  • Google bomb DRM by adding this link to your website or any web page you can edit/
  • Digg the day of action
  • Watch these videos on YouTube send them to friends and rate them.
  • Photograph your actions and post them to Flickr tagged with "dayagainst drm defectivebydesign".
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