LA Times Podcasts Conversations With Legendary Critic Robert Hilburn

Latimes_1In a wonderful series of podcasts new LA Times pop music critic Ann Powers talks music and the music industry with her predecessor, the legendary Robert Hilburn.

Episode 1: Ann Powers and Robert Hilburn chat about their favorite SoCal concert venues (17:12 minutes) DOWNLOAD MP3

Episode 2: Ann Powers and Robert Hilburn file through (don’t say list) the artists and albums they’ve been enjoying so far this year and look ahead at some release to come. (18:25 minutes) DOWNLOAD MP3

Episode 3: How can critics actually listen to every album that comes out? Ann Powers and Robert Hilburn offer insight into the life of the pop music critic. (30:16 minutes DOWNLOAD MP3

Episode 4: Is the continued popularity of "American Idol" the beginning of the end or the end of an era? Ann Powers and Robert Hilburn offer their diverging views. (12:51 minutes) DOWNLOAD MP3


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