Hypebot’s New Music Business Briefing For Wednesday November 29th, 2006

Zune_logo_32 > The Creative Common folks were less than happy to learn that Zune attaches it’s three play limited to all songs shared wirelessly even if the artist wanted gave away the track in the first place. (Wired)

Universal_4 > Universal may ask iPod for a per unit royalty as it did with Microsoft’s ZUNE and points to upcoming renegotiation’s round. (Reuters)

> Jay-Z shows the power of a great set-up campaign (Clear Channel, NASCAR, NFL) with one of the top three first week sales of the year at 708,000 units and counting. (Hits)

> Signs point to portable players having much larger storage capacity soon and consumers are lovin’ it. (ZDNet Asia)

Babyrock_cure>FROM THE GRAB ‘EM YOUNG DEPARTMENT: Baby Rock Records produces lullaby tributes to the likes of The Cure, Metallica, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Led
Zeppelin, the Beach Boys, Tool and Coldplay for hipster toddlers.  (NY Times) Meanwhile Crayola has rolled out a line kid friendly music players.

> ABBA gets their own museum in Stockholm. (Reuters)

> A skeptical look at the bid by private equity firms to buy EMI. (Businessweek.com) plus background info (Hypebot).  EMI shares on the London stock exchange moved upward sharply yesterday on the news.

> Widgets like Sonific’s SongSpot and and the iTunes playlist based iLike can be a huge boon to viral marketers if used creatively.  WebProNews takes a look at the possibilities. (here)

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