This Week’s UK Picks

The B-Dolls "Ordinary"
‘Think,’ it says of Melbourne’s B-Dolls, ‘Y2K Carpenters reprogrammed by disco robots’. And it sort of is. Think warm electro pop that makes all the right noises in all the right places. Oh, and find an Uk_flag_12
Aussie and ask them what a b-doll is. You’ll wish you hadn’t.

Clifton Hicks "Old Blue"

Clifton, although you wouldn’t believe it to look at him, does traditional American folk songs. Granted, it’s no Springsteen Seger sessions , but the eternal joy of indiestore is finding people doing something different. Our favourite track this week, great picture too.

Neil’s Children "Lucifer Sam"
Since their arrival in 2004, this lot have been contenders. By the looks of it, momentum is finally gathering for Cheshunt’s finest. Grab new single, ‘Lucifer Sam’, on download now – a darker more brooding Christmas present you couldn’t wish for.

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