A Post Holiday Compendium Of Recent Top Stories

Cds_color_23Just in case you need a little help catching up with industry news as you climb out of your post-holiday stupor…

>>> Even with growing digital sales it was a blue Christmas for the music industry. (more)

>>> Holiday sales were so good at iTunes that customers complained of getting locked out.  But that’s the least of Apple’s problems as lawsuits and a stock option scandal gain momentum. (more)

>>> Hypebot’s bold (well maybe not) predictions for 2007. (more) And our bet that 2007 will be the year of the MP3. (more)

Amazon_15>>> Amazon is going open an MP3 only download store in March with variable pricing. (more) How will it effect mp3 leader eMusic? (more)

>>> Radio station giant Entercom
settles NY payola probe for $4.25 million
. (more)

>>> Music memorabilia and concert archive streaming site Wolfgang’s Vault responds to lawsuit by the Grateful Dead and others. (more)

>>> We’re considering dropping the daily briefing in favor of more short news stories.  Part of the motivation is to report things as fast as we find out about them. The other is that we know many of you use an RSS reader to keep track of us and a headline that read’s "Hypebot’s daily briefing for…" doesn’t tell you much that’s useful.  Tell us what you think of our plan.

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