Canadian Music Industry Year End Report

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    Overall music purchases were up nearly 10% from 2005 .
  • Nearly 15 million digital tracks were purchased; an increase of 122% over 2005 
  • The top 200 tracks accounted for nearly 20% of all track purchases; 2.8 million sales, note that this is consistent with 2005.
  • Johnny Cash was the biggest selling artist with physical album sales surpassing 540,000.
  • 34% of all albums purchased were at a Mass Merchant outlet compared to 29% in 2005.
  • Chain music stores accounted for 66% of all album sales, compared to 71% in 2005.
  • Classical and Country albums were the only two genres that gained in sales over 2005; up 21% and 15% respectively.
  • Overall Album sales (including Albums and Track Equivalent Album sales) declined 3.2% compared to 2005.
  • Total album sales declined 4.7% compared to 2005.

Read the full report and stats here.

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