Hypebot’s New Music Business Briefing For Monday January 29th, 2007

>>> MIDEM may be over but the news just keeps on coming:

  • The Orchard has struck a deal with Sanctuary to take of its digital distribution.
  • Indie Koch has contracted Intent MediaWorks to distribute content across P2P’s andMidem on websites, social networks,
    and blogs. Details were not disclosed.
  • Attendees at music industry trade show MIDEM – 10,000+
  • Attendees at musical instrument trade show NAMM – 84,000+
  • "To be honest I’m afraid of the music industry falling apart," said
    Black Eyed Pea
    will.i.am. "The thing that makes me
    nervous is the hesitation that record companies have about the new

>>> French news service AFP published a decent layman’s overview of the music industry’s current woes. (AFP)

>>> The concept of licensing music download at the ISP level may be making a comeback.Sanctuary (MacWorld) Brilliant idea but don’t hold your breath.

>>> Sanctuary posted another loss and is considering selling off more assets. (FMQB)

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