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Is SpiralFrog Dead Before Launch?

According to several sources a half dozen top executives and almost as many board members have exited SpiralFrog since Christmas. Included in the group are most of those with strong ties to theSpiralfrog_9
record industry.

Despite a deafening hoopla in the mainstream press over SpiralFrog’s plan to operate an ad supported download service a promised December launch date came and went without action.  Sources say the site will launch next month but may only have content from Universal and some smaller labels.

This is not good news for any in the ad supported download or P2P sector. When the biggest dog’s bark turns out to be toothless it will be hard for anyone else to gain traction.

Way back in November 60% of Hypebot readers predicted that SpiralFrog would fail and should not even bother to launch. (poll results).

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