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More 2007 Music Industry Predictions

In addition to Hypebot’s own 2007 Music Industry predictions, we found some others willing to gaze into their own crystal balls with some interesting results:

Bob Lefsetz’s predictions include:

  • Emi_59
    EMI headed for big trouble
  • Billboard getting thinner and thinner
  • Band managers growing in importance
  • (more)

Digital maven Rags Gupta’s predictions include:

  • Emusic_16
    Last.FM and Pandora will get bought by  Google, Clear Channel or Viacom
  • eMusic will file an IPO
  • The Sony BMG merger case will be favorably resolved by the EU courts.  EMI and Warner Music will try to merge again
  • (more)

Blogger J Herskowitz’s predictions include:

  • Spiralfrog_7
    Mecora gets sued
  • SpiralFrog launches with a thud
  • Zune starts to make inroads
  • (more)

Click here for Hypebot’s predictions.

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