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This Week's UK Picks

Stutterbunny '15ft'
There's nothing stuttering about this Glasgow four-piece. Think Blondie, Elastica, The Cramps, Glitter Band… oh, you know. They've balls the size of cabbages and make an utterly splendid racket. With support already from XFM, NME and MTV, you're not going to be able to ignore this lot. Really, you're not.Uk_flag_18

Chris Townsend 'Glorious'
One of a trio of singing/songwriting pals whose gentle tunes are currently flying out of indiestore. Check the others - Messers Sneddon and Hook – and get a free taster from Chris' 'What Are You Waiting For' five-tracker in the shape of the rather cheerful 'Glorious'.

Third Generation Collective 'The Wedding'
We are suckers for a decent slab of bhangra so how pleased were we when a kind soul pointed us in the direction of Third Generation Collective. We look forward to seeing more tracks from S Singh's diverse Midlands collective on indiestore very soon.