Who Needs A Label? ReverbNation & SNOCAP Enable D.I.Y. Digital Sales Across Viral Platforms

Under a new deal with SnoCap, ReverbNation.com users can now sell downloads through the site’s DistroNow module. Under the arrangement, SNOCAP will handle the
transaction with the consumer Reverbnation_logo_2
and the royalty payments to the digital
rights holders.

“Our partnership with SNOCAP will allow ReverbNation
artists to harness the viral nature of the online music network and present the
opportunity for fans to purchase music at the very moment their interest is
piqued – when they are on the artist’s profile page or when they receive a
ReverbNation TunePak from a friend, “ said Jed Carlson, Chief Marketing Officer
of ReverbNation.com. “Combining SNOCAP with our TunePak
product means that
purchase transactions can travel with the music through
emails, IM’s and blogs.”

SNOCAP enables artists
to make their music available for sale across the web via aSnocap_6 simple interface which can create digital
storefronts on the bands’ site, social networking sites or music
focused sites like ReverbNation. One-stop registration allows musicians,
labels and distributors to clear and manage their licensing rights across
multiple retail destinations. Using sophisticated music fingerprinting
technology to identify and catalog the music, SNOCAP ensures that the proper
rights-holders are paid.

Artists who have profiles on ReverbNation.com just copy and paste their SNOCAP MyStore code into the designated box in the
DistroNow module. The complete transaction t will be handled by SNOCAP’s 
e-commerce engine and rights holders are able to access sales reports.

ReverbNation has also introduced other great D.I.Y. empowering features that I’ll be writing about in the coming days.

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  1. Great idea, with some flaws. In short, the site which is designed quite well and is relatively easy to use, is extremely buggy. The company is not very good about returning emails either. I uploaded a few songs for a friends band after creating an account, and in less than 24 hours I was able to retrieve the code needed to put on my myspace page. The problem was that the snocap site would not let me rename the titles of my songs, so the titles were track 1, track 2, track 3. This is not horrible, but its not good either. I sent many emails with screen shots and otherwise and have not heard back. I tried to call them, no answer, just voice mail.
    Not as easy as it looks.

  2. Thanks for your comments (below) on ReverbNation. We’re about to do some other short pieces on the site and it’s good to hear user comments. (Any others?)
    Let me see if I can do some Hypebot magic and get you some help. No promises but its worth a show. I’ve found the ReverbNation guys to be smart and capable.

  3. Fairly Dissatisfied,
    I’m am very sorry to hear that you have had any problems at all. I’d like to personally help you get the service you need right away, and to eliminate the problems for future users.
    I have searched the email logs at ReverbNation.com and found no complaints that resemble this posting here. Could you please tell me if you are referring to ReverbNation.com or the SNOCAP.com site? I can help you either way, it just helps me to know with whom I need to speak. Feel free to reply to this post, or to reach out to me via email at jcarlson@reverbnation.com.
    Jed Carlson

  4. I am completely pleased with Reverbnation.com and its staff members like Neal Moody who’s helped me make the most of my artist’s profile.
    I’m waiting on the label profile section to be up, I would like to be able to access the site from my pda. Custom homepages would be nice and genre specific homepages. I waiting on the reverbnation band tour.
    great site though

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