Yep Roc’s Emily Bass Speaks Out On MP3 Downloads

asking music business leaders to tell us what they think about industry moves towards
DRM free mp3’s. Today the answers come from Emily Bass Marketing &
Promotions Coordinator of respected Indie label Yep Roc Records.

What is your company’s position on mp3 downloads?

Emily Bass: Our
company not only supports, but offers both free and for sale mp3 downloads in
house. We believe that mp3s are changing the way music is heard. It used to be
that the only way music was heard by a large mass of people was through the
radio. However, now things have changed since the internet has come along and
opened the door to endless possibilities for people to hear music.

you believe that the major labels will start selling mp3’s?

Emily Bass: Major labels will start selling mp3s
as well as everyone else. It will soon become the future for the industry.

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