Mecora & PopMatters Partner To Promote Indie Play

PopmattersUPDATED: PopMatters, a web based cultural criticism magazine and social radio network Mercora have launched
of Listen Up! to offer labels increased promotion and publicity for their artists on both sites.  Labels already signed on include Kill Rock Stars, Ninja Tune, Thrill Jockey, Vanguard, Warp, World’s Fair, Sugar Hill, Definitive Jux, Yep Roc, and Record Collection.

PopMatters and Mercora will showcase artists and music labels will receive premier streaming media placements within PopMatters editorial content, in the PopMatters media center, and in Mercora’s music channels that reach over one million users worldwide. Music labels invited to participate will also receive revenue through SoundExchange.

After hearing about the partnership we wondered if labels had to pay for the promotion.  Sarah Zupko, Editor of PopMatters answers:

"No, labels don’t pay to be a part of it.   Mercora actually pays SoundExchange when users listen to songs.  We offer the Mercora content boxes on our reviews and articles Note
so our readers can hear the music we’re writing about."

    "We actually want as many labels as possible involved so we can offer the widest array of music to our readers and to Mercora listeners. It’s a great way to enhance editorial and offer a rich experience to readers in a way that is legal (approved streams with royalties paid under the radio model to artists)."

Placing the ability to listen to and purchase music alongside a review or article enhances the review
and music discovery tremendously. If you’re a Mercora user already (and if you haven’t check Mercora out you should) the the PopMatters link is particularly useful .  Otherwise you’ll have to install a Sonific_6 special plug-in that we found a bit buggy. Some similar "music alongside the review" systems like Sonific’s SongSpots place the player right in the review and do not require a special download. 

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  1. Labels pay nothing to join the Listen Up program.
    Mercora pays SoundExchange when people listen to the songs. PopMatters has the Mercora boxes on all our recent music reviews and music articles as way for readers to listen to the music we’re writing about.
    Neither PopMatters nor Mercora is taking any money from labels for being a part of this.

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