New Music Business Briefing – SnoCap + PumpAudo, RIAA Targets Children, MusicWorld 3D & More

>>> SnoCap has cut a deal with PumpAudio to make indie music liscening for films amd commercials almost seemless.

>>> One of the latest targets of RIAA litigation is a 10 year old girl who was 7 when the "infringement" occured.

>>> New music services, better video and "mobile wallet" services and more are part of the offerings of Musicinsplaygoround3dthis week’s CITA mobile phone conference in Florida.

>>> Music World 3D is a virtual world where musicians, fans amd the industry can interact. Think of its a The Sims meet MySpace.

>>> Bloomberg profiles LimeWire founder and serial entrepreneur Mark Gorton. Sources have the RIAA and others suing the firm turning up the pressure.

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