Three Music 2.0 Services Worth Watching

Patrick May agent provocateur for our sister firm Skyline Music and one of our SxSW scouts came back from the trade show with these three tips:

Disc Revolt

Provides physical solutions for digital delivery of media. For artists, DiscRevolt is a way to sell downloads through artist-specific download cards. Artists upload songs to the DiscRevolt site and design artwork for a plastic download card. DiscRevolt prints the cards with a unique redemption code on the back, and artists then sell them to fans at live shows. Fans enter that access code on the DiscRevolt site and receive credits to download that artist’s media.  The cool thing about these cards is the fan can ALSO download OTHER ARTISTS with the credits THE BAND SELL!!!!   So the band is not only selling product but a vessel of music discovery to the fan.

A new music download service that is forging a massive community of music fans and today’s top indie artists and labels. In addition to their partnerships with universities across North America, myTracks.com and the their parent company FreshTracks also provide powerful digital media solutions for clients such as Lollapalooza-Chicago, Austin City Limits Fest and many others.

Bandago –
OK so this one’s not technically 2.0 but given the importance of touring its pretty cool.) Progressive, AFFORDABLE van rental company  with locations in  LA, San Fran, Seattle, NYC and soon to open
in Atlanta.  Price ranges for feature rich vans are from $105 per day to $200 per day depending on
model and time of rental.  250 miles are included for every day you
have the vehicle (i.e. 10 days = 2500 miles included). Additional miles
are .35 a mile.

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  1. I posted about DiscRevolt this morning after seeing a download card for the first time Friday night. I bought the CD for the same price, but I was really impressed by the download card and by the website when I checked it out.

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