New Business Briefing: Yahoo Slapped By Chinese, Blender Brands In NYC, Apple Rumors Churn & More

>>> A Chinese court has ruled that Yahoo!violated music copyrights by offering links to illegal downloads.

>>> Bertlesmann and WMG have settled an ancient lawsuit dating back to the original Napster.

>>> In a unique piece of branding Blender Magazine has grabbed the naming rights at NYC’s hot new 600+ seat Gramercy music club booked by Live Nation now dubbed Blender At The Gramercy.

>>> Just in case you missed it check out our post yesterday "Does Steve Jobs Really Want DRM Free Music?" (here) and be sure not to miss the comments section. If one of the posters is to be believed, higher bit rate mp3’s are right around the corner at iTunes. And you have to wonder just how those Apple/major label negotiations are going…And then there’s that darn stock backdating thing that just keeps making the news.Emusic

>> Lots of great emails helping out with our upcoming series on eMusic which may be delayed until next week. But please keep those public and private comments coming. And stay tuned.

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