New Music Business Briefing: Canada Down 35%, Crimea Gives It Away, Amazon A “Sleeping Giant” & More

>>> Canadian CD sales dropped a whopping 35% last quarter.

>>> Successful UK act Crimea is going to give away it’s self-financed sophomore release for free and the band’s indie promotion and marketing team is reportedly waiving upfront payments (horrors!) in hopes of a bigger share of revenues later.

>>> The IFPI has announced a new European plan to make cross boarder music licensing easier.

>>> Jupiter analyst Mark Mulligan calls Amazon the "sleeping giant of digital music" on his blog. (here via Coolfer)

>>> Sound Exchange has responded negatively to the new bill before Congress aimed at rolling back higher royalty rates for net broadcasters.

>>> Microsoft’s Zune is planning new players but analysts predict a tough market ahead as the iPod continues to dominate.

>>> THIS WEEK:  We promise our series on eMusic. We’re just digging deep and trying to get it right.

>>> R.I.P. – The "Monster Mash" man Bobby Boris Pickett at age 69.

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