New Music Business Briefing: Hawthorne Heights Wins Victory, WMG Ups EMI Bid & Much More


>>> A judge ruled that while Hawthorne Heights owes Victory two more albums it can also record and release elsewhere. If the ruling sticks it could have ramifications across the industry.

>>> WMG appears ready to up it’s bid for EMI by almost $200 million confident that the EU would approve Emi_2
the merger. I predict EMI’s Nicoli will resist. The NY Post has a behind the scenes look as EMI opens its books to interested parties.

>>>> cNet looks at how the rest of the industry will be watching the upcoming sales of EMI on iTunes and Amazon to determine their next moves.  Is it a fair test and isn’t DRM free inevitable anyway?

>>> How will things change and fans react as the White Stripes move to a major label and begin to play
the corporate game? (Billboard)

>>> Last week the US military banned YouTube and MySpace because of bandwidth concerns.  Now the YouTube founders are asking the Pentagon to rethink the order.

>>> Coolfer has a nice roundup of analyst comments on the Amazon all-mp3 store.

>>> New intellectual property rights advocacy group The Copyright Alliance has launched.

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