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Another Reason Fans Hate The Music Industry: Excessive & Non-Refundable Ticket Fees

Its not the first thing that comes to mind for an industry insider, but when a concert gets canceled Ticketmaster does not refund the $3.75 processing fee, ticketFast charges or UPS delivery costs.  These fees sometimes add to as much as  40-50% of the ticket’s face value.

With the cancellation of the entire Kelly Clarkson tour, the policy has just created tens of Ticketmasterthousands of new music industry haters. (see How hard or expensive would it be for promoters or Ticketmaster to eat these fees or for one of the parties involved to purchase insurance that protects instead of exploits the fans?

While no one has yet embraced refunding fees if a show is canceled, some ticket sellers and artists are looking at innovative ways to keep hardcore fans happy with the ticket buying process in innovative ways like VIP packages, bundling with downloads or CD’s, and ticket auctions for the best Concertcrowd
seats.  (more on innovative ticketing in USA Today). 

This summer Live Nation and some other concert promoters began selling seats directly to fans without charges special pre-sales from its web site and direct at venue box offices.  Next year Live Nation’s contract with Ticketmaster expires leading to speculation that the concert giant will force lower fees or perhaps take on its own ticketing before the fan revolt reaches deafening proportions.

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  1. Agreed, this kind of crap makes life difficult for us all. Livenation runs enough Venues, Artists and Tours to really make an impact if they choose another solution. Their partnership with Nokia could also indicate possible mobile ticketing through cell-phones, something I would welcome.

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