New Music Business Briefing: “Silence” A Success, RealPlayer First Look, Sanctuary Shuts Promo & More

>>> Yesterday’s "Day Of Silence" protest at internet radio seems to have been a success with thousands of broadcasters participating and servers and Congressional phone lines jammed with traffic.  (RAIN)

>>> A first look at the new RealPlayer 11 and its video ripping capabilities. (ars)  This reviewer loved it and you can find out for yourself by downloading a beta of the player here.

>>> Troubled indie Sanctuary is shutting its entire promo department. (Billboard)

>>> Groove Mobile will deliver an over the air music download service that does not incur extra data charges to Vodafone UK. Sony BMG has signed up for the experiment. (press release)

>>> A new technology would enable song purchase direct from any digital radio. (BusinessWeelPhonography)

>>> NPR profiled Archeophone Records, a label dedicated to preserving and re-releasing old recordings from the 1880’s to 1920’s. (story and audio)

>>> UK bands are increasingly just releasing digital singles and forgoing the album format.  (The Gaurdian) Will the trend lead to more sales or even less consumer to band loyalty?

>>> A WORTHY CLICK: SnapFM.com lets you listen into local radio stations live via the net.


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