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New Linkin Park CD Has Copy Protection

"When the new Linkin Park “Minutes To Midnight” CD came out, I went to iTunes and to
Linkin_parkmy surprise, the album cost was $11.99.  No extra tracks, no videos, nothing extra.  So …

I bought the CD for $16.99, and when I went to pop it into my Macbook Pro, the CD never showed up in iTunes…So I popped it in my work PC, and it opened Windows Media Player and allowed the CD to play, but, when I tried to view the CD’s contents in Windows Explorer…The true files are hidden..

Then I did a Google search and found out that other people had the same issues. (seeWarnerbrosrecords_2 mixed results from others here and here) Then I got angry.  There was no disclaimer on the CD packaging …Why are they trying to restrict my ability to open the CD on my Mac and rip into iTunes??  It’s conduct like this that will cause people to stop buying CDs and download illegally instead.

From this point on, I will no longer buy Warner Bros. labeled CDs…And I will tell everybody that I know." –

Stay tuned…we’ve asked Warner Brothers for comment.


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  1. Guys, it looks like he is talking about the 1kb .cda files which is how Windows Explorer normally displays audio cd contents… I think this one is OK.

  2. What happens when you put other cds in your PC at work? I regularly use a micro$oft windows PC and I never have any luck with looking at the contents of cds. WMP will play the audio just fine, but the tracks just show up as track 1 track 2 etc. My mac using friends laugh at me for being so involved with music and still using a PC. I am just wondering if what you ran into is actually common for Window$ Media Player, or unique to this cd…
    Great blog! I read it regularly. Hypebot is one of the leading sources of information on the music industry and especially DRM news. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. Hey, first time reader and commenter…couldn’t help but notice the problem. Does any of your systems have a DVD writer? I had a CD that simply didn’t show up whenever I tried loading it on my Dell, but when I put it in the DVD writer on my HP desktop, it showed up in iTunes and ripped perfectly.
    Has that option been ruled out yet on the Linkin Park CD? It sucks to hear this, as I buy CDs specifically so I can rip to my HD and eventually upload to one of my mp3 players.

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