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Former VP Reveals Dark Side Of Victory Records

A detailed missive chronicling the excesses and dark side of Victory Records and its controversial founder Tony Brummel complete with email documentation allegedly by industry veteran and former Victory VP was posted on MySpace by Epitaph employee Sue Luke. Here’s a brief excerpt:

"We’d all seen Brummel threaten people, both physically and, his favored form of communication, e-mail. In person he wasn’t intimidating. He didn’t appear to break 5’7" and I doubt he weighed in over 150 lbs. To compensate for this, he inked up with a bunch of tattoos including the cobweb on the elbow and "Victory" tattooed on his forearm and across his back as if it were a gang sign….The remnants of a chubby childhood still lurked in his face and his belly, leading me to believe his bullying attitude was programmed many years ago at the hands of a schoolyard oppressor." (READ THE FULL TEXT HERE.)

(Hypebot: We have not confirmed the authenticity of this letter. Read it and decide for yourself.)

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