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>>> XXL Editor-in-Chief Elliot Wilson appears in a back cover Rocawear ad holding a copy of XXL with Jay-Z on the cover. Publishing industry professionals term it "offensive" and an "egregious violation" of the advertising / editorial divide.

>>> Freekey Zeekey holds a streaming video appearance for Dipset fans to promote his new album.

>>> Proceedings related to Suge Knight’s bankruptcy lead to the revelation of more unreleased tracks from Tupac. Tupac’s estate claims ownership.

>>> Vibe Vixen is going out of business and the staff is being laid off.

>>> Diddy searches for a personal assistant on YouTube and a wide range of blogs and news sites take his hyperbolic claim of 10,000 responses as truth though the only evidence suggests far less than a thousand.

>>> ProHipHop’s Clyde Smith is now blogging about the business of blogging at Fast Company.

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