Hypebot’s New Music Business Week In Review

>>> The LA Times killed a column that advocated free music giveaways as Prince did recently in the UK. (Read the full text of the banned article here.) and late in the week the columnist issued a response.

>>> And speaking of Prince, the non-profit Electronic Frontier foundation sued Universal on behalf of a young mother whose video of her son dancing to Prince’s "Crazy" had been pulled down from YouTube. Watch the reposted video here.

>>> A new study of Live365 underscored the importance of internet radio to independent music and labels.

>>> Hypebot interviewed music industry blogger Glenn Peoples of Coolfer.com (Part I & II)

>>> CD importer Smash has closed it doors and Hypebot took an in depth look at this dwindling music industry sector.

>>> EMI is partnering with digital agency VerveLife for new marketing promotions like a DRM free download giveaway with Burger King UK.

>>> President Bush showed his ignorance of a current battles over performance royalties at radio at a recent press conference.

>>> Rhapsody revealed that they have no plans to start selling DRM free downloads until the majority of major label product is available without the current restrictions.  Napster had recently expressed a similar policy.

>>> Last.FM got some backlash for demanding that indie artists some waive royalties before the customized net broadcaster will play them.

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