New Music Business Briefing: Amp’d Shuts Down, EMI Shareholder’s Inch Towards Terra, S-Curve Invests In Widgets & More.

>>> Amp’d Mobile is shutting down as of Tuesday and selling off assets at auction. Expect multiple bidders.

Emi >>> Shareholder support for Terra Firma’s bid to buy EMI is up over 26%.

>>> The Canadian Copyright Board has sided with the music industry that a tax should be levied of $5 Canadaflag_2Canadian ($4.79US) on each portable music player or recorder with less than 1GB of memory, $25CN for each device with 1GB to 10 GB. $50CN for 10GB to 30GB and $75 CN for each recorder with more than 30GB of memory. (Billboard) Seems draconian; but then again the Canadian government actually supports the arts.

>>> Indie Sympathy For The Record Industry is up for sale for $625K ($700K if the owner "doesn’t like you")(Daily Swarm)

>>> The LA Times took an in depth look at the use of music in commercials, film and TV. (LA Times)

Prince >>> The NY Times profiles Prince and his latest marketing efforts. "He doesn’t have to go multi-platinum — he’s multi-platform." (NY Times)

>>> More details on the relaunch of S-Curve come in a press release including the addition of management, publishing and "full digital capabilities".  The label has also invested in Chicago music widget and social networking promotion company Nabbr.

Amazon >>> Will there be any news of their download service when Amazon reports to Wall Street on Tuesday?  XM reports earnings on Thursday.

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