New Music Business Briefing: Apple Profits Soar, Anti-P2P Bill Withdrawn, ReverbNation Draws “New Blood” & More

>>> Apple says 2Q profits up 73% and that 270,000 iPhones were sold in the first two days. iPod sales were up 21% to 9.1 million. (PaidContent)

>>> Russian prosecutors are seeking jail time for the former head of AllOfMp3.com. (DMW) But strangely several other similar download sites owned by the same company are still operating.

>>> In response to a strong outcry from both the academic world and the public, the anti-P2P amendment slipped into the Higher Education Act has been withdrawn. (ARS)

>>> Warner Brothers Records has added a loose "insider" blog to its very hot new web site. Nothing a corporate PR person would be worried about, but fun nonetheless.

>>>  ReverbNation – whose growing collection of free band promotional tools could make the site a real player – is partnering with SnoCap for "New Blood" Urban Showcase Series. (DMW)

>  A Swedish label actually asked fans to share its music on P2P Pirate Bay. (Zero Paid)

>>> WORTHY CLICK: For a daily dose of rock and roll wisdom (OK…a quote from a rock star) check out our sister site TheRockDose.

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