New Music Business Briefing: XM, Sony & Universal Report, Live Nation Close With Madonna & Much More

>>> XM narrows losses and posts 21.5% revenue gain in 2Q but the broadcaster is still far from profitable. (PaidContent)

>>> The National Association Of Broadcasters has come out in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act and is chastising Sound Exchange for its stony silence. (Wired)

>>> Sony and Universal have released new 2Q reports. (FMQB)

>>> IndieHQ has the text of an A2IM statement on the Last.FM/direct licensing royalty debate. (IndieHQ)

>>> Don’t miss our two part interview with Coolfer’s Glenn Peoples. (Part I and Part II)

>>> There are reports that a new Live Nation deal with Madonna will include touring, recording and much more in a package worth well in excess of $100 million. If true, Live Nation would be beating the labels at their own game and ensuring a relationship with a top money earner. (DigitalMusicNews)

>>> DIGITAL NATIVES – A great new term coined in Australia to describe a generation raised on the  broadband, mobiles, MP3s and the user-generated content that are tuning out of traditional media.

>>> Worthy Click: TheRevolutionMusic.com is a new free site for artists to post samples of their music, videos, and pictures. Artists can sell downloads and merch, manage their fan club and newsletter, author a blog, and more free.  They’ve even made it possible to integrate many of their features including MP3 and merchandise sales into other places like MySpace to cut down on your number of sites to update.

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