New Music Business Briefing: Hearings On Broadcast Performance Royalties, Amp’d To Court, Liquid Experience & Much More

>>> The House Judiciary Committee will meet today to hear testimony from the radio and recording industries who are at odds over proposed performance royalties for broadcast radio. (R.A.I.N.) Given that net broadcasters (and broadcasters almost everywhere else in the world) pay these royalties, is this proposal that unreasonable?

>>> University Of Kansas says it won’t forward RIAA letters to students. (DMW)

>>> More on the possible Live Nation and Madonna $100 million deal. (NY Post) Is merging all aspects of an artist’s career under one roof the waive of the future. And what does it say when its not a label making the deal?

>>> Amp’d mobile hits bankruptcy court this morning.  Here’s a new audio interview with the controversial CEO Peter Adderton (mocoNews)

>>> How digital downloads are re-invigorating the classical music business. (Newsweek Int’l)

>>> A new energy drink Liquid Experience has both its marketing and its social mission based solidly in music. (DMW) Smart marketing and a cause if it all works.Bobdylan

>>> CREATIVE REPOSITIONING: UK re-mix guru Mark Ronson takes on Bob Dylan’s You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine. (preview)

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