New Music Business Briefing: Nokia Twango’s For $100M, Mickey Mouse Record Labels & Much More.

Xm_sirius >>> In a move designed to appease regulators, XM and Sirius say hat they will offer ala carte pricing if a merger is approved. (press release) NPR and Sen. Brownback have just recently added their names to the list opposing the merger.

>>> Glenn at Coolfer takes a look at Aimee Street and other dynamic pricing systems for music sales. (Coolfer)

>>> Nokia has bought small social networking site Twango for just under $100 million. "Nokia is likely Nokia_logoto rebrand the Twango service and incorporate software into its phones to ease sending content between phones and online." (PaidContent) Just a few months ago Nokia paid $60M for digital content provider Loudeye.

Mickey_mouse >>> MICKEY MOUSE RECORD LABELS – "It’s really poetic justice that the Walt Disney Company has become such a great example of how to run a record company". Commentary @ Inside Music Media.

>>> Cumulus Media will go private in a 1.3 billion buyout from Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity. (FMQB)

Mouse_3 >>> WORTHY CLICK: Yes.com "Find songs that have played within the past 7 days on the nation’s top 2,600 radio stations, CMT, FUSE, MTV, and VH-1. Rate currently playing songs right now to influence charts & chat with other listeners."

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