100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips – Part 2

Put your promo online in downloadable form for easy access by the media and your fans.
12. Enable and encourage others to do your promo for you.  Ask fans to put up flyers and send out emails. Put a poster online as a free downloadable PDF for fans to use.
13. Create, utilize and reward a street team. Here’s a short article on the subject.
14. Talk to people and take informal polls. Have they seen your ads? Where?  Did they grab them and provide useful information? Survey your audience via email, on the web and at shows.
15. Add a free poll to your web site or blog via http://www.yourfreepoll.com.
16. Get every free listing everywhere you can no matter how obscure or far away.  Maintain an extensive “listings” email list and use it.
17. Enhance the value of press releases by always attaching a photo or graphic file or a link to one.
18. Aggressively seek sponsorships. Big sponsorships are great, but no sponsorship is too small to consider even if its just cross promotion in ads or free give aways.
19. Always think yourself as a brand that needs to be defined, marketed, and protected.
20. Try local cable TV. Some local spots on Fuse or other targeted channels go for as little as $7 each.  Check out Spotrunner or Dmarc or your local cable company.

Read Tips #1-10 here along with some great ideas from readers. Share your tips with Hypebot readers and we’ll have 10 tips more of our own over the weekend.

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  1. Another thing I would recommend is to not be cheap and make sure your band’s website has a real .com address (like my death metal band does: http://www.psychobolia.com). Your band will come across as more professional.
    Also, try to make sure your band has a unique twist to it, there’s too many bands out there that have nothing special about them and nothing that differentiates them from the rest (in our case, we have a girl that sings like a monstrous beast!)
    Can’t wait to read the forthcoming tips!

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