100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips – Part 4

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32. Get on both MySpace.com and Facebook.com and stay active. Don’t just set it up and forget it. Update it and promote it. Make it worth visiting.

33. Make everything you do an event. What holiday is near?  Is it a band member birthday? An anniversary near? 
34. Consider internet your new best friend. Study it, learn from it, explore it and use it.
35. Run contests for best poster design or homemade video. Share all the entries on the web.
36. Produce monthly or even weekly podcasts.  Consider having it produced cheaply by a local college DJ.
37. Do anything you can think of to enhance the consumer experience.
38. Give stuff away – backstage passes, seat upgrades, seats on stage, tix to the sound check, mp3’s of live songs.
39. In the entertainment business perception can be reality. Is your show the biggest, best, loudest, “most talked about”?  Then be sure to tell the world that it is.
40. Enhance and monetize the hardcore fan experience with a Platinum level fan club that offers exclusive downloads, pre-orders, insider news, preferred seating at shows, etc.

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