100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips – Part 6

Promote “After Parties” that are cheap or free with a concert ticket. This allows you to extend your brand or even tag onto someone else’s at low cost.
52. Hand out flyers on the way out of the live shows.
53. Capture info from any one who make a purchase particularly ticket buyers.
54. Ask your web visitors questions. Polls are free and easy to set up with sites like PollDaddy.
55. Sell merchandise at affordable prices. It’s branding that someone else pays for.
56. Get creative with your merchandise – don’t just sell shirts.  Try flip books, for example.
57. You can add variety to your merch. with no upfront costs with CafePress.
58.  In this age of too much info and media, work to make yourself a trusted gatekeeper for your genre(s) of music. Use newsletters, blogs, tips, links, internet radio, and more. Don’t just right about yourself. Write about things people who care about you also care about.
59. Carry a camcoder everywhere and post short videos on YouTube.com and elsewhere of live shows, interviews, backstage, etc.
60. Create your own related niche blogs or web sites (for example MidWestmetal.com or NightlifeDetroit.com). You can make yourself the only (or primary) advertiser, but keep it real with info and news from others.

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