100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips – Part 7

61. Send thank-you notes. No one ever says thank-you anymore. It will be remembered.
62. Ask for the purchase. Never forget that you are in sales.
63. Market to the niches. Market to bartenders in Irish pubs for a Celtic or motorcycle shops for a heavy metal.  Try tattoo parlors, coffee shops, book stores, niche clothing shops.
64. Make your emails and web site useful to the reader.  Add info and links to things your audience might find interesting or useful that you have nothing to do with.
65. Share your best promo ideas and avenues of promotion with other stakeholders: bands, promoters, labels, publicists, and sponsors.
66. Share media lists with others highlighting things you think will work best for each project.
67. Sell a series or combo. This works for recorded music and live tickets.
68. Surprise people. Give them something for free that they did not expect.
69. Create and use banners.  Don’t have time or $ for Kinkos? Try Avery Banner Maker.
70. Trade occasionally for targeted email lists, but don’t overuse them.

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