100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips – Part 1

  1. Top_100
    Never leave promotion to the other guy. Depending on your point of view don’t count on the label, band or publicist to do their jobs. Do it yourself or ot may not get done.
  2. Know your niche market(s) or hire/befriend someone who does.
  3. Always think of the fans first when making decisions.
  4. Start early.  Pre-promote. It allows time for viral buzz (free promotion) to build and ensures you’ll get you a larger share of a discretionary spending.
  5. Take the time and spend the money to get a great publicist to get free media.
  6. Produce great promotional material and send it out early and often.  Don’t wait until they need it.
  7. Email lists must be your new religion. Make sign up simple and easy to find. Put it visibly on the top half of the front page and watch it grow.
  8. Segment your email lists (genre, location) to fight email burnout. 
  9. Produce and send great e-cards. The best ones get forwarded to others
  10. Make your web site a destination by keeping it updated and including news, giveaways, polls and things to make it worth visiting.

Share your tips with Hypebot readers and we’ll have 10 more of our own tomorrow…

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  1. ecards are a thing of the past. Expensive, clunky to maintain and not a very good return on investment.
    Time would be better spent making sure free audio clips are easily available on the front page of your site, or create a youtube vid and push that virally. Youtube makes it so simple to share.
    Make sure all relevant and important info is available on the front page of your site: Gig dates, news, latest photos/songs/vids/contents, etc. Make it easy as possible for fans to get to stuff quickly.
    Whore yourself on myspace as much as possible, network with other artists in your niche, post appropriate bulletins (take care not to over do the frequency, tho).
    Replicate news from your site to myspace, add friends, and so on. Same can be said for any of the other social networky sites, facebook and so on.
    Take advantage of sites like Upcoming, flickr, youtube to spread your content as far as possible. They’re free after all, and isn’t sweat equity what it’s all about?
    Make sure other bands/clubs etc always link back to your site.
    If you are an artist with a younger audience, I’m not so sure you are going to get much bang out of an email list. Mobile messaging might be a better option, and if nothing else, for goodness sakes, MAKE SURE you have an RSS feed on your site.
    Allow fans to interact with your site, via message boards, uploading photos, contents, adding comments, etc. Give people a reason to come back, and they’ll always be aware of what’s going on.
    When writing news, use a good blogging tools that allows trackbacks, and always link to other sites/people/artists you mention via THEIR trackback url’s. Not only is this good for search engine optimization, but other sites will see your mention and link back to you.
    Encourage fans to “tag” content (as it relates to you) on other sites like flickr, blogs, etc. Then aggregate that data on your site.
    my 2 cents…

  2. Oh, and here’s another pet peeve of mine: If you have releases, and they are available digitally, ESPECIALLY if they are available DRM free, PUT LINKS TO BUY THEM ON YOUR FRONT PAGE AND IN BIG AND BOLD PRINT! People will buy your stuff and they want instant gratification. Make your digital offerings as easy to get as possible.

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