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Is Amazon Ever Going To Open Their Download Store?

We were amused buy yesterday’s post on Idolator…


homepage today. Is this their way of waving the white flag with regards
to their MP3 store, or is this their way of saying "eff you, you
idiots, you’re just forcing users to take extra steps and they’ll
probably steal the music anyway because they’re as sick of your antics
as we are" to SonyBMG and Warner Music Group, who are still holdouts on
selling DRM-free music? It’s so hard to tell!" 
–  Idolator

It made us wonder…is it possible after all of the rumors and even public announcements by the company, that Amazon isn’t going to open their mp3 store after all? All we can tell you is this: some of the record labels – who in the past have been a veritable fountains of information – are staying strangely silent both on and off the record.

We’ll keep digging, but if you have heard any rumors or even have any good conspiracy theories, leave ’em in the comment section or email me privately.

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