New Music Business Week In Review

>>> A new survey showed that there are actually more active music buyers than there used to be; the problem is that each of them is spending a whole lot less than the used to.Mtv

>>> Britney may be an easy target but she helped this year’s MTV Video Awards hit new records.

>>> The European Union is set to re-endorse the merger of Sony BMG despite the objections of many indie labels.

>>> EMI’s Angel has launched ScoutR, an "A&R 2.0" social networking and music discovery site where fans become ears for the label.

>>> There are strong signs that Yahoo! Music could close or be altered drastically.

>>> MySpace use slid a bit in recent weeks but Facebook is continuing a steady climb upward.

>>> The march to DRM free downloads continues. The UK’s 7Digital is  offering the entire Pink Floyd catalog DRM free and rumors are that the Amazon all mp3 store could finally launch this week.

>>> Apple which only last week guaranteed continued dominance with a new line of iPods and a mobile version of iTunes failed in an ingoing attempt to thwart free custom ringtone creators for its hot iPhone.

>>> MP3 blog Earvoution is launching a record label. Is this a trend? Will ProHipHop or Hypebot be next?

>>> Hypebot began the series "100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips". Here are tips 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30.

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