New Music Business Briefing: CMJ Scam?, iTunes Terms “Indecent”, The RIAA Follies & Much More

>>> CMJ appears to have been caught taking submission fees from bands via Sonicbids and not even listening to the music before rejecting them. (Ghost Media)

>>> Vivendi CEO calls the terms that iTunes asks for from labels "indecent". (Reuters)

>>> Calling the RIAA’s case unjustified "as a reasonable exploration of the boundaries of copyright law," a federal  judge late last week awarded former RIAA defendant Tanya Riaa
Andersen her attorney fees. Now the disabled single Mom who beat the RIAA is trying to get class action status for her fight against the music industry trade group. (ars) Go Mom!

>>> The RIAA has sent 403 letters to students at 22 universities offering pre-litigation discount settlements. "The letters reflect evidence of significant abuse of campus computer networks for the purpose of copyright infringement." (RIAA) Are they not in effect saying "we consider our customers guilty until proven innocent."?
>>> PirateBay has filed lawsuits against some of those attacked by MediaDefender and outed in the recent hack. (Billboard)

>>> A comparison of the LaLa vs. SnoCap widgets. (Coolfer)

>>> MP3 + CD online retailer AnywhereCD is shutting down. (OurDigitalMusic)

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  1. AnywhereCD was a great idea, too bad the major labels (except for Universal) did realize that it was in their best interest to sign on…lackeys! You can’t stop people from listening to and sharing music the way they want to! Meanwhile, there’s still services out there like http://www.deezer.com (unlimited streaming) or http://www.gigatribe.com (private p2p between friends – pc to pc)…


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